Monday, December 7, 2009

The Fashionable Jewelry Model

The FashionableJewelry

ModelFashion design and jewelry design have many similarities from the way designers showcase their creations to the way they are displayed on the retail market. While many models solely focus on the fashion scene, there are many jewelry models that wear and help promote jewelry designs by some of the most well-known designers around the world. By creating masterpiece jewelry, designers are able to draw attention to their skills and create more mass appeal style designs based on more outrageous, non-practical styles. These designers work in conjunction with fashion designers as well as makeup artists to showcase the jewelry, whereas fashion designers only use jewelry as an accessory.When the tables are turned, it is important to draw attention away from the clothing to focus it on the jewelry. These two industries also often utilize celebrities to help them showcase new designs. Whereas you may see celebrities wearing the latest Dolce& Gabana designs, you may also see them at jewelry fashion shows modeling the latest and greatest necklaces and bracelets costing millions of dollars. Set in platinum, gold and more interesting material such as epoxy and wood, gems and precious stones are worn by the likes of Paris Hilton and Kate Moss and are paraded around for the jewelry industry to ogle.One of our favourite isabazias Diamonds( Their diamonds and whole collections look very beautiful.

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