Monday, December 7, 2009

Magical ....

Sara Fratczak @ Joy Star System (Poland)

She's fresh, even fresher, than fresh, she's tall, exactly 176m. (78-60-88) she's from Poland and was discovered by Joy Star System . Well, we are speking about Sara Fratczak. She's one in a million. Sara's look is magical. A well formed face shape, dark brows, soft blue eyes and a gaze which is simply unique. Sara reminds us of a young Masha Tyelna, both have the same lovely nose shape. Have a look on her test pictures. Sara's attitudes and her expression are very promising. The young Polish beauty is definitely a girl, who has the chance of a magical future. Write her name down ...


  1. Great body and beautiful hair but i didn't like her eyes they look kind of lost in these test pictures.

  2. hihihi, she's my friend from a clas :) I'm really happy that You enjoyed her :D